We at NY VFXWAALA believe in offering varied services that help make a computer generated visual look life-like & real with our proficient team & to notch technology available in the industry. Right from the scratch to a jaw dropping end product, we mould up to get into the skin of the project, taking up keen interest to bring your imagination to life with our expertise as below

On Set VFX Supervision

The visual effects supervision is the creative and technical management, overseeing the work of the staff dedicated to the art and science of VFX.

Matte Painting

A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is nonexistent in real life or would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. At its best, depending on the skill levels of the artists and technicians, the effect is "seamless" and creates environments that would otherwise be impossible to film. In the scenes the painting part is static and movements are integrated on it.

Pre-visualization & Animatics

visualization is a function to visualize complex scenes in a movie before filming. Pre-visualization is applied to techniques such as storyboarding, either in the form of charcoal drawn sketches or in digital technology in the planning and conceptualization of movie scenery make up. Whereas, Animatics are animated storyboards.


or other media before it’s implemented into the final product. Concept art is also referred to as visual development and/or concept design whereas, art direction is responsible for the visual styles and images in movie and television productions. Also creating the overall design and directing the team on development of artworks or layouts.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are digital footage or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

3D Computer Graphics (CG) & Effects

3D Computer Graphics (CG) & Effects are pictures and movies created using computers - usually referring to image data created by a computer specifically with help from specialized graphical hardware and software.

Character Animation

Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life. The role of a Character Animator is analogous to that of a film or stage actor, and character animators are often said to be "actors with a pencil" (or a mouse).

Compositing is the creative process

of assembling and combining filmed or rendered elements from multiple sources, to create a final lifelike illusion or fantastical visual effect, delivered as a set of still or moving pictures.

Special effects

Special effects are techniques in which images or film frames are created photographically, either "in-camera" using multiple exposure, mattes, or the Schüfftan process, or
in post-production using an optical printer. An special effect might be used to place actors or sets against a different background.


Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from
each other. Animation creation methods include the traditional animation creation method and those involving stop motion animation of two and
three-dimensional objects. Images are displayed in a rapid succession,usually 24, 25, 30, or 60 frames per second.

Rotoscopy, Wire Removal and Clean up

Rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background.
Wire removal is a visual effects technique used to remove wires in films, where the wires are originally included as a safety precaution or to simulate flying in actors or miniatures